Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 of Project 365

Another big shout out to my wonderful husband tonight for today's picture (or should I say pictures). When you have a daughter as cute as ours (I know, we're biased being her parents and all... but anyway) it's just so hard to choose just one! Plus, I thought these four pictures that Rob took of her tonight in the bath tub would look really cool as a collage, so here you go:

She had the cutest little french braid in her hair yesterday and today, and when he took the braids out, this is what was left. Too bad she couldn't wear this style for a day but after two days with out a bath, there's probably enough food in that head of hair to feed a starving child in Africa or something!

In other news, Jenica got to go to work with Mommy and Daddy today. Here's a picture of her looking super cute and way to grown up walking down the hall to the office:

This probably would have been my photo of the day if Rob had not taken such adorable pictures of Jenica while I was over at my friend Sarah's house. So just in case you're wondering, I am taking a picture a day in 2010... but I'm so glad that Rob is taking pictures too and since each day's picture is going in a photo book that will eventually be printed to remember our year as a family, I'm glad that it will have pictures taken by each of us. Thanks honey!


Daddy said...

Jenica did look quite the young business lady at work today:)

cheri said...

Sooo adorable!

sarahschoenborn said...

I love this picture...a future business woman in the making:)
p.s. I like being called your friend too:)