Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 of Project 365

Today is a perfect example of how Project 365 can capture moments that might not otherwise be remembered on film. Jenica has come down with a cold, and was running a low grade fever today, maybe due to the cold or maybe because she's teething, but either way, she was generally unhappy and uncomfortable this afternoon and you could see it in her eyes. Rob captured this moment as I snuggled on the couch with her and prayed that the Lord would make her better. And ya know what? He did! By the time I got back from the gym a few hours later, she was running around like her normal, bubbly self. She still has the cough and the runny nose so we're still believing for complete healing of her body, but just to have her happy again meant the world to me.

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Joi said...

Her eyes looked so weak :( PTL for the power of prayer.