Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 365 of Project 365

I can hardly believe I'm finally writing my last post of my Project 365. It has been so fun to document my year in pictures, and I have enjoyed being able to share them with you. But, it has also been quite a challenge at times and I'm happy to have completed the task. I am almost certain I will do it again someday, but not this year! I need a break! It seemed only fitting, after all the photography business I got this year, to end the year with a photoshoot, senior pictures for a beautiful young lady who knew of me because I did her boyfriends senior pictures last year. It was a VERY cold day, but clear and sunny and we got some wonderful shots. So, she is my official picture of the day. However, I make a photobook of my year every year (since 2003 now, I think) and since Rob and I have been married, I have always ended the year with a picture of your New Years Eve (officially New Years Day) kiss. So here is that photo as well:

Wishing you all the best in 2011. I will still be posting to this blog on occasion, probably featuring some of my favorite pictures from photoshoots, and I will also be posting to my other blog:, with pregnancy updates and I'm sure lots of pictures of our newest addition once he or she makes their official arrival in late May or early June. Thanks for taking this journey with me and if you decide to do your own Project 365, make sure to send me a link!

Day 364 of Project 365

Rob took this picture on his afternoon run today. It was just too beautiful not to use as my picture of the day. Thanks honey!

Day 363 of Project 365

I took family pictures for the Lews about a week ago but had so much other stuff going on that day that their picture didn't make it to the blog. Today, Kate came over to have a few more pictures done so I thought I'd include a family one as well. Thanks guys! You were all excellent models!

Day 362 of Project 365

There were very few times this year when I didn't actually take a picture, but today was one of them. I came down with the nasty stomach flu, and trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see a picture of anything that happened today (I did briefly consider taking a picture of the toilet... I'm not going to lie, but thought that would be pretty gross and not really something I want to remember in 10 years when I'm looking through my photobook), so instead I decided to use this fun picture of our game night with Hillary, which actually happened the next day, so I wasn't cheating too bad, right? Thanks for coming over and learning a new game with us Hillary!