Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being "Mom"

Being a mom has been the most rewarding and also the most challenging thing I've ever done. But I wouldn't trade it for the world! These three brighten my world on a daily basis and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without them! Love my babies!

Kenton 12 weeks old 

Tenley as a baby (currently almost 3!)

Jenica as a baby (currently 5 1/2)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kimbriel Wedding Slide Show Sneak Peek

A little glimpse of a beautiful wedding we photographed last month, with background music by a local band who provided the reception entertainment. Enjoy!

Kimbriel Wedding with Music by Lace & Lead

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Lifestyle Session

Have you ever wanted to document your family just being you? Doing the things you love or the things that really make your kids smile, instead of getting dressed up and posing in a portrait studio against a plain black background? A "Lifestyle Session" might be just what you're looking for. Be Photography is excited to introduce this new concept in portrait photography to our growing line of packages. With a Lifestyle Session, we come to your house or your location of choice and spend up to two hours photographing you doing the things you love. Reading books with your kids, baking in the kitchen, sipping wine on the patio, or whatever else strikes your fancy. This type of session can tell a story about your family that regular portrait sessions can't. Although posed shots are an option during your session, the focus is more on capturing candid moments between you and your loved ones.

I had the privilege of photographing my first Lifestyle Session last week for some long time clients of ours.  Here is some of what we were able to capture:

We started out in Lena's room with story books and all her favorite stuffed animals. This room was especially fun for me to photograph since all the canvas prints hanging on her wall above the bed were pictures that I had taken of her.

We also did some fun shots in their gorgeous kitchen and then headed out to the back patio.

And then of course Lena had to do a little modeling for us - she is almost too cute for words!

Not only is a Lifestyle Session a great way to remember your family in photographs, it is also an excellent way to remember the home your kids grew up in, your favorite park to play at, or any other meaningful location of your choice.

The lifestyle package starts at $300 for the 2 hour session for up to 8 people. This includes your choice of 20 images on a disc with full copyright release. For just $100 more you can go with the Lifestyle Plus package, which comes with a 20 page professionally printed and bound photobook containing all your favorite images from your session. Since a lifestyle session essentially tells a story of your family in a photo journalistic fashion, this can be an excellent way to commemorate the session and makes an excellent gift for friends and family. Additional copies of the book can be purchased for $50 each. 

More details about these and all the great packages that we offer can be found on our website at

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Be Family is Growing!

We are excited to announce that we'll be adding one more member to our little family - due to arrive in mid-February! What does this mean for your family pictures this year? Well, we will still be doing our annual Fall Special, the weekend of October 5th and 6th, and we'll be booking sessions through the end of October, with a few openings into November. However, there will be no Christmas Special this year so if you need pictures for your Christmas Card, make sure to book a fall session soon before spots fill up! I will be taking December - April off to be with my family and welcome this new little blessing into our home. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for your support, love, and encouragement, which has allowed my passion to become a way to help support my family! I'm looking forward to fall pictures, especially all you seniors out there, and since I'm now in the 2nd tri-mester, the next three months should be smooth sailing!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A beautiful sunset maternity session...

I had the opportunity to take some beautiful maternity pictures for one of my favorite couples tonight. You might remember them from a couple of years ago when we photographed their gorgeous wedding.

Or maybe from last Christmas when they announced that a little one was on the way.

With less than a month left until they become a family of 3, I was honored to be able to capture some absolutely beautiful maternity moments with the lovely couple. Here are a few that were just too cute not to share!

We can't wait to meet your little guy on the outside very soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Our first annual Beach Special last year in Lincoln City was such a hit and so much fun, we definitely wanted to do it again this year! I wanted to post some pictures of the location so you have an idea of what to expect. The best slots for lighting are going to be in the late afternoon/early evening so I'll only be booking a very limited number of sessions this year. The date is Saturday July 27th at Taft Pier in Lincoln City. The special includes a 45 minute session for up to 4 people (additional people can be added for $25 each), and your choice of 10 edited images selected from your own private online viewing gallery. Your images will be  burned to a disc with full printing rights. All this for only $165! Oh, and did I mention it's a great excuse to take your family to the beach for the weekend? Who doesn't love the Oregon Coast!? Here's some samples of the location from last year.

To book your own family session at Taft Pier this summer, please email us at or call 503.407.9622

Be sure to like our facebook page to stay up to date on other specials and promotions.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

31 Day Photo Challenge

I put together this 31 day photography challenge for a fellow photographer that I am mentoring, but thought I would share it here in case anyone else would like to participate. The purpose of the challenge is to get you more comfortable with your camera and what all the pre-set modes are capable of. It will hopefully also serve to spark your creativity and get you "out of the box" of the usual things you might take pictures of. At the end of the challenge, I would love to hear from you. I am asking specifically for three things you learned, and three questions that may have come up during the daily assignments. If you post your responses here, I will answer as many questions as I can. Thanks for stopping by my blog and may January be filled with many great photographs!

31 Day Photo Challenge

1. Read the table of contents of your camera manual in case you need to refer to it
    later on in this challenge. Make sure batteries are charged and memory cards are empty.
2. Take a self portrait
3. Take a head shot of someone in your family.
4. Use camera on Full Auto all day
5. Use camera on P mode all day. Manually decide whether or not flash is needed.
6. Use camera on TV mode all day. Manually choose shutter speed for each shot.
7. Use camera on AV mode all day. Take 3 shots of the same subject at different apertures.
8. Use camera on M mode all day. Pay attention to the exposure bar on the bottom of screen
9. Experiment with Exposure Compensation. Take a picture that is properly exposed, then
    take the exact same shot at 1 stop above and 1 stop below properly exposed.
10. Use the lowest f-stop your lens will allow today
11. Take a picture that would look good framed on your wall
12. Take a landscape photo
13. Take a picture of a flower
14. Take a picture of technology
15. Take a sillhoutte picture
16. Take a picture of a fruit
17. Take a picture of architecture
18. Take a picture of the back of something
19. Take a low angle shot
20. Take a high angle shot
21. Shoot in black and white all day
22. Take a picture of your favorite color
23. Take a picture of something you made
24. Take a picture of shoes
25. Take a picture of food/something you ate
26. Take a picture of something in motion at different shutter speeds
27. Take a picture with a shadow in in
28. Take a picture of a treasured item
29. Take a picture of words
30. Take another self portrait
31. Do not take any photos today. Load all your images from the challenge on
     your computer and write down 3 things you learned and 3 questions you have.