Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 270 of Project 365

After dropping Joi off in downtown Portland, Jenica and I did some exploring and sightseeing. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, and we were happy to soak up a few rays before the rainy season in the Northwest overtakes us.

We also found some great photo locations, in case you are interested in a more urban feel for your pictures. I still have openings for my $50.00 fall special. Check out my Be Photography facebook page for details and become a fan if you haven't already to stay up to date on future specials.

Day 269 of Project 365

Sometimes the best pictures come out of being silly! Thanks to the Long family for an awesome photo shoot today! You guys were really fun to photograph and it was great to finally meet your boys and see their personalities! My only regret is that the fart noises I downloaded to my iPhone weren't really loud enough for them to fully appreciate! Some of them are quite funny!

Day 268 of Project 365

My best friend Joi was in town this weekend from Las Vegas! Amidst two photo shoots (thanks Hernandez and Fincher families) we still found time to enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and spend an evening playing games (and I finally redeemed myself at Settlers and won a game... it's been a while!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 267 of Project 365

A fun family shoot with the Weisbarths (minus the husband). You'll have to get in on the action next time Scott! And make sure to bring Grandma Angey again! She was a life saver in getting Olivia to smile :)

I think this one was my favorite:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 266 of Project 365

My beautiful friends Sarah and Brandi at last nights Willow House party. If you've never seen Willow House products before, you can check them out at willowhouse.com. I got this cute "entertaining bucket" but what I'm really gone to use it for is a photo prop. Check out how cute Olivia Weisbarth looks in it!

Hey, I didn't say she looked "happy" to be in the bucket, just that she looked cute in it!

Thanks for a fun night ladies! If you want to order anything, you can call Sarah at 503.490.0371

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 265 of Project 365

We had a delicious pizza dinner tonight with my old roommate Susan (I don't mean old like that!) And Jenica got to open yet another birthday present. Since we had her party a week early, and then we were out of town for a while, she has pretty much been opening presents on and off for a month straight! Spoiled girl! Tonight she got the cutest little Nike outfit and new Nike tennis shoes, which she actually really needed! Her babysitter has been taking the kids on all kinds of nature walks and hikes and most of Jenicas shoes are really cute but probably not the most comfortable for walking long distances so I'm sure these shoes will get lots of good wear and tear. She also got a Nike backpack to keep all her gear in, some fun new hair clips, a hair brush and some "boogie wipes" for her nose! She loved those the most I think! She probably used half the package just at dinner.

Thanks for all the great gifts Susan! I'm sure you'll see a cute picture of Jenica soon decked out in all her new duds!

Day 264 of Project 365

I had the silliest thought while photgraphing these two. I know, it's totally ridiculous but I'm going to share it anyway. I thought to myself, if these two get married some day they are going to have the cutest wedding slide show EVER! I mean, just look at their adorableness:

And he's such a gentleman! He picked her flowers...

and helped her up when she fell down. So sweet! Thanks for being such a great friend to our little girl, Judah!

And thanks to my good friend Brandi for raising such an amazing little boy. I wouldn't be sad at all if we became in-laws some day! He he! But for now, our kids can just be the best of friends!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 263 of Project 365

Day 262 of Project 365

Fall is here! Time to break out the Knifty Knitter and knit up some hats and scarves. The perfect thing to do while watching all the great fall television shows that are about to start up again!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 261 of Project 365

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend has obviously never tried cherry chapstick! At least that's Jenica's take on things...

My friend Joi got her this adorable purse for her birthday, along with two sticks of cherry chapstick, which she refused to put down for the entire remainder of her birthday party. I then hid them from her (so they would last longer than a day or two, since she has a tendancy to not only smear it all over her lips and most of her chin, but also 'taste' a little in the process). I got one of them out for her again the other day to take some fun dress-up pictures and she loved it just as much the second time around.

I do have to take part of the blame. I also am a self-proclaimed chapstick addict, although I tend to stick with the original rather than cherry variety.

Thanks for the gifts Auntie Joi and most of all, for the great story that I can now tell her someday about her 2nd birthday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 260 of Project 365

These three boys all go to our church and were born within a month of each other. I thought it would be fun to get them together for a picture or two so that's exactly what we did this morning. Oh, and Chase got in on a couple shots too for this cute "No Girls Allowed" idea Cassi had to go along with Ky and Aiden's matching t-shirts. Thanks to all three mommies for being willing to let me practice on your little munchkins. We'll have to do it again sometime!

Day 259 of Project 365

I know this post is going to end up sounding like a Kohl's commercial, but I have to tell you anyway because I'm just so excited! First of all, let me start by saying... I like to shop! Unfortunately since becoming more of a stay at home mom type and less of a career woman, I have had neither the necessity or the funds to shop as much as I use to. My major shopping trips are now limited to about twice a year, and lately, Kohls has been the place to go.

You see, I get their ads in the mail regularly with the little peel off sticker to save 15%, 20%, or on rare occasions... 30% of your entire purchase, including sale and clearance items. When I get the 30% deal, I pretty much figure I HAVE to go shopping. I mean, who can pass up a deal like that, right? Plus, they are doing Kohls Cash right now, so that pretty much means I get paid to shop! (Hey, I warned you that this might sound like the commercial!) For those of you who don't know about Kohls Cash, for every $50.00 you spend you get a gift certificate for $10.00 in merchandise, which doesn't become valid for about a week. Their way of getting you back in the store to buy more stuff, but hey, who can say no to more clothes or accessories, even if you do have to wait a week!

Anyway, being the great bargain hunter that I am, my plan was to spend as close to $150 as possible in order to maximize my Kohls Cash (and stay within my budget, OF COURSE, cuz what girl doesn't think about the budget while shopping for her new fall wardrobe... NOT!) so after deciding on what I was getting, I went over to the self scan price check thingy to see what my total was. After doing the math, it was determined that I would need to get a couple more items (oh darn!) so it was off to the accessory department where I picked out two stylish new necklaces.

To make a long story short, when we got to the register, I was still about $12.00 under my $150 target so I quickly ran back to the jewelry department and impulse bought a VERY cute bracelet and some new earrings, bringing my total to $150, EXACTLY! Well, my receipt says $149.20 but the cashier said that was fine and that I would still get the $30 in Kohls Cash. I was totally stoked! Especially when she circled the amount saved on my receipt - $274.20! So basically, according to my calculations (which obviously aren't completely accurate as you can see from the above) I got about $425 worth of clothes for $150, plus I get to go back in a week and get $30 more worth of stuff, FOR FREE!

Needless to say, I'm quite happy, especially considering I got 6 new tops, a pair of pants, a scarf, lots of fun new jewelry, along with a few new items for Jenica and Rob. So today's picture of the day had to show off one of my new tops, and I had to include Jenica in a hat since every other picture this week has been her in a hat.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 258 of Project 365

Sometimes it's fun to look back! The first picture was taken last November, and I can't believe the hat still fits her, although it's pretty tight now and this will probably be the last time she wears it. I know I have a picture somewhere from last year of both of us wearing hats out on our front porch, but I couldn't find it for the life of me to post with today's picture. I did manage to find one of her in the hat at least though. This week has obviously become "hat week" on Project 365, although completely unintentional up to this point.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 257 of Project 365

I absolutely love taking pictures! But you probably knew that already. One fellow blogger and photography enthusiast wrote this on her blog the other day and I just loved it:

One reason I love photography is because it allows me to see the handiwork of God in a moment of stillness. In a snapshot of something ordinary and mundane, there is glory and beauty and magic. This seems, to me, to be especially true about portraiture. I don't know what it is, exactly, but a photograph helps me to see the image of God in another. I can see them and value them as image bearers, God's people, not mine, fellow creatures, made to know the Creator. 

To read the entire post, or check out some of her other blog entries, you can click here.

Because I'm loving taking pictures so much (and I obviously have more than enough of Jenica), I've decided to expand my September $50.00 special posted earlier this week to include on location shoots as well. So here are the details:
1 hour on location or studio shoot during September or October
Up to 5 people
10+ edited images on a disc
1 8 X 10 print of your choice

Call or email to schedule a session! shaybachelder@gmail.com  (503) 407-9622

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 256 of Project 365

I have to give a shout out and a big thank you to my friend Rebecca at Adorkable Crochet who made this adorable hat for Jenica's birthday. I just love hats (as anyone who knows me is well aware) and this one is just darling on her. If you have a minute, you should check out Rebecca's Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/adorkable

She makes some really great handmade stuff for very affordable prices, plus I just think it's great to support the local economy, and since she just moved up here recently to be closer to her family, she can now be considered local!

Thanks so much Becky (and kids) for coming out to Jenica's party and helping her celebrate birthday #2. I'm sure the hat (and matching hair clip) will get lots of use this fall and winter.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 255 of Project 365

No, we were not at the Seahawks game today, although that would have been really fun if we were! However, my sister and brother-in-law were there celebrating their anniversary (6 years, right guys? Happy Anniversary!) and my friend Shannon was there too and picture messaged me this shot from her awesome seats, so we dressed Jenica in her cute little Seahawks cheerleader outfit and watched most of the game from the comfort of our living room. Maybe someday we will make it to a game in person (hint hint, honey:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 254 of Project 365

Today was a fun family day for the Bachelders! First, Jenica got to be part of a photo shoot for Keen shoes down at the Salmon Street fountain...

Then it was off to celebrate her best buddy Judah's 3rd birthday at Hillendale Park.

Check out the awesome Cars birthday cake that Brandi (Judah's Mommy) made for him! She is so talented when it comes to cooking and baking and I am always more than happy to sample her goodies! Thanks for having a birthday Judah so we could all come out and celebrate with you!

Day 253 of Project 365

Jenica and Emilie reading books together before going to bed so the grown-ups could play Yahtzee. 

Kenny totally whooped us, just for the record, but at least the first game was kind of close and I came in second instead of tying for last! Thanks for coming over guys! We had a great time with you despite the loss. We'll have to do it again soon, especially since the girls are so darn cute together!

Day 252 of Project 365

Back to school studio special! I have my studio set up and for the month of September I'm offering mini-sessions for $50. One person, one outfit, half hour of shooting time and you will get at least 5 edited images on a disc and one 8X10 print of your choice. Call me or send an email to schedule a session! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 251 of Project 365

Jenica did great at her two year check up today. And now that she's 2 she can have the nasal spray for the flu instead of another shot (two was plenty today... poor thing!)

Day 250 of Project 365

Day 249 of Project 365

Even now, 2 days later, she's still talking about "riding bikes with Hayden". I don't know who this bike belonged to but thanks for allowing Jenica to ride it so much this weekend. We will definitely be getting her her own bike before family camp next year!

Day 248 of Project 365

Sometime late last spring, we bought Jenica her pink Crayola camp chair, after a visit to Hayden's house where she fell in love with his little blue one.

Ever since then, I envisioned them sitting together at family camp church service listening to Pastor Wayne's sermon. Although I did manage to get a snapshot or two of them actually both sitting at the same time (barely)

the idea of two 2 year old's sitting for any extended period of time was probably a little far fetched to begin with. Instead they spent most of service running around, eating candy and being entertained by Rob. The most hilarious moment however, happened after Jenica did a face plant into the grass (fortunately she didn't cry... we are working on her "tuff grrrl" skills), but due to the insane amounts of candy she had been consuming, her mouth was quite sticky and became an immediate magnet for grass.

Hayden was quite the gentleman, wanting to help clean her up right away, but only after exclaiming, "Ah, dang it!" rather loudly, right in the middle of his Grandpa's sermon.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 247 of Project 365

Straight from Hawaii to our church's annual camping trip in Sweet Home, Oregon where late night game playing is a must! For a more detailed description of family camp, you can click here to check out my friend Jodi's blog post today... she tells it "in a nutshell" and is a great writer!

Oh, and today was Jenica's birthday, although it didn't really feel like it since we had celebrated the week before. But she did get some Happy Birthday wishes from fellow campers and even a present or two. Happy Birthday Jenica!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 246 of Project 365

Shoot! I didn't even realize until today (September 6th) that I didn't take a single picture on the day we left Maui, not even with the iPhone! Luckily for me, my friend Joi was on top of things and so I stole a picture from her facebook album as my picture of the day. Under normal circumstances, a picture of my backside would not make the cut in my Project 365, but this photo has another fun travel story to accompany it and seeing as I didn't have any other options to choose from, well, what you see is what you get!

So you all read about our travel mishaps adventures on our way over here, right? If not, you can click here for the full story. Anyway, after spending about $75 on shuttle service to get to our condo when we arrived (obviously it had originally been much less but since we arrived on separate airplanes at different times, we ended up having to pay for two shuttle trips instead of just one) we decided to give the bus a try for our trip back to the airport. We had already taken the bus the day before to our snorkeling trip, and Joi and taken the bus once before that as well so we felt pretty confident that it would be a reliable way to get to the airport and MUCH less expensive ($2.00 per person and Jenica rode free)! So, we checked and double checked the schedule and planned to take the 9:37am bus, which would require us to change one time before arriving at the airport AT LEAST 2 hours before our flight was scheduled to leave. Everything started out going really smoothly. We got to the bus stop (which was less than a block from our condo) in plenty of time and had no problems boarding the first bus that would take us to Kahului. Rob confirmed with the bus driver twice that we were on the right bus to get to the airport (well, the stop where we would change buses to the airport one) and we made it safe and sound to the "Salvation Army" stop, where we were dropped off to wait for bus #2. Begin frustration! Bus #2 arrives and the bus driver will not let us on because we have too many bags! What?!! First of all, the last driver said nothing about the number of bags we had. In fact, there was a nice little compartment up front that fit our suitcase perfectly, keeping it out of the way of passengers. Second of all, why would a bus even go to the airport if you are not allowed to take your luggage with you! The whole thing seemed highly suspicious to all three of us, but the bottom line was that we were not allowed to get on the bus. So, the nice lady driving the bus (said in a completely sarcastic tone) left us standing on the side of the road... baby and all... a good 45 minute walk from the airport in a town that was completely unfamiliar to us. I'm not going to lie, I had a few moments of panic about what we were going to do, but thankfully we have these handy dandy things called iPhones that totally saved the day! We just typed "taxi" into Google maps and started calling local companies until we found one that we could a.) understand, and b.) could come pick us and all our luggage up in the next 10 minutes and get us to the airport. Fortunately this little mishap only cost us about $10 more than the bus would have and we still made it in plenty of time to check our luggage and ALL get on the same flight home. . And that is how our vacation ended!

Day 245 of Project 365

This was the highlight of the trip for me! I love snorkeling and the charter we went on was really affordable, the staff was super nice and very helpful, and they even served up a delicious barbecue lunch and had complimentary beer, wine and softdrinks! Plus, there was this cool underwater viewing room where Jenica could check out all the fishies (and Mommy and Daddy too) from the comfort of the boat. However, she even got to put on her bathing suit and get in for some snorkeling... baby style! They had these awesome little boogie board type things that she could sit on top of (and be all strapped in so she wouldn't fall out) that were equipped with a see through "viewing window" so she could look underwater. Hopefully some of the pictures from our underwater disposable camera will turn out so I can show you what it looked like. It was really cool and although Jenica didn't last too long out in the water it was still a really fun experience for us all! If you are going to Maui any time soon and want to give snorkeling a try, you should check them out. Here is the link: http://www.fourwindsmaui.com/

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 243 of Project 365

The Road to Hana. For those of you who have been on this road before, you probably have a good idea what is coming. For those of you that haven't, I should give you fair warning. This story involves puke. We all got up super early (4:30am) so we could be on the road by 6:00 and try to beat some of the traffic. Rob drove, and Joi and I both took some motion sickness medicine... just in case. Jenica woke up just long enough to get dressed and get in the car, and then she was fast asleep again. However, after about an hour of winding turns, she woke up and... well, you guessed it, she threw up! We found somewhere to pull off the road pretty quickly (which is kind of a miracle in itself along that road) and I cleaned her up as good as I could and we were off again. However, after the second round of throw-up, I figured it was probably best if I just trade Joi spots and sit in the back with her for the rest of the trip. We tried giving her a bit of medicine but she couldn't even keep that down, so the rest of the trip was spent holding a towel near her mouth to catch anything that might work it's way up. Poor girl! She handled it really well though, staying in pretty good spirits and sleeping on and off in between "episodes". We made it all the way to the Seven Sacred Pools, where we stopped long enough to give her a little more medicine and let it settle into her tummy before we headed out for more driving. Fortunately, after that she was fine for the rest of the trip. Swimming (or should I say wading) in the Sacred Pools was awesome and Joi and I are convinced that we now have eternal youth. The black sand beach was also really fun, along with the lava tubes and blow holes and the giant sea turtle we got to see swimming just a few feet from shore. The views were amazing and now we have another great story to tell about our vacation!

Day 242 of Project 365

Our first full day in Maui was awesome! After picking up our rental car, we visited a local farmers market for some fresh fruit and made a quick stop at the grocery store so we wouldn't have to eat out for all our meals, then we did some exploring along the Southern coast and found a nice beach to relax on for a while. After that, it was back to our condo to get ready for our fun date night, a romantic dinner cruise complete with live authentic Hawaiian music and a gorgeous view of the sunset. Jenica got to stay home and spend the evening with her Auntie Joi, although I hear she crashed on the couch about 10 minutes after we left.