Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 of Project 365

Day 2 turned out to be a bit more challenging than day 1. What should I take a picture of on a day that nothing really that photo worthy occurred? I tried taking pictures of Jenica playing with her Lego's, or playing with play dough for the first time, but none of those seemed worthy of representing the day. I shared my dilemma with Rob as he was leaving to do some work on our condo. He suggested that I could come with him and take a picture of him working, which did sound like a good idea but the thought of loading up myself and a 16 month old in the car just to take one photo didn't seem appealing on a dark and wet January evening. As he was leaving, he shut the door behind him and behold, my eyes fell upon our "wall of Christmas cards". It was perfect! We not only love to do a family photo Christmas card every year but we love getting them from people and taping them up to enjoy through out December, and obviously beyond since I am photographing said wall on what is now the 2nd of January. It is a great reminder of all the wonderful friends and family we have in our lives. Having your pictures on our wall (or in this case, our door) for a month or so out of the year is a great reminder for us to pray for you and just thank God for whatever roll it is you may play in our lives.... from friends and relatives to pastors and clients.... we are so thankful for you all. So before all the cards come down and the door becomes, well, just another door, I thought it appropriate to photograph all the photographs of you and give this special tradition a place in my 2010 Project 365 Photobook.

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