Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 of Project 365

My friend Shelly came over today for a visit with her beautiful 7 week old daughter Addison. She was so tiny and precious compared to my rambunctious little toddler, and seeing them side by side made it hard to believe that Jenica was that size only a little over a year ago. It's crazy how fast they grow up! Just wait, Shelly... little Addison's going to be running around too before you know it!

Jenica has been really great around babies so far and today was no exception. She was intrigued by Addison but was always very gentle and made sure to look to me or Shelly for approval before she got close or tried to touch her. Shelly and I both agreed that someday (not anytime too soon folks.... so don't get your hopes up) little Jenica will make a great big sister!

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cheri said...

I'm sure she will be an awesome big sister - when the time comes!