Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26 of Project 365

I'm so excited to get to announce that my friends Tim & Emelye are having a baby! This new little addition is expected to arrive sometime in early August (maybe late July - if Emelye is extra hot and uncomfortable this summer!)

Have you ever just met someone that you knew would make an amazing mom? Emelye is totally that person. From the first time I started getting to know her I knew she was destined to me a mommy, and I'm so excited that the Lord has blessed them with their own little "miracle".

Oh, and she's an amazing cook too by the way... She brought over dinner tonight in exchange for me taking some pictures for them to use in their "Christmas Letter", which is getting out so late because they wanted to be sure to include the baby news!

Artichoke chicken, fresh green salad with homemade dressing, and apple crisp for dessert. My mouth is watering all over just thinking about it and I'm still full from the extra servings I ate because it was so delicious! We had a blast up in the studio taking pictures and being silly (well, Emelye and I had fun... for some reason I think Tim just tolerated the experience but he was a good sport about the whole thing and we got some great shots!) Here's one of my favorites from tonight's shoot:

Congratulations you two! I'm so excited to be a part of this next season of your lives!


Joi said...

LOVE IT!! Great job to the photographer and models :) I'm so excited for baby Cunningham!!!

emelye said...

Shay ... I'm crying!! You're so dear and I apreciate your friendship and kind, heartfelt words! Thanks again for such a fun evening!!
And Joiful ... Baby C's excited to meet you too!