Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 of Project 365

My husband has been playing video games for over 12 hours straight! Fortunately he doesn't do this very often. In fact, this is the first time he's done it in the 2 1/2 years we've been married. And it was a planned event, so I was fully prepared to not see him for most of the day. He's having a LAN Party in our detached office space above the garage, about 700 square feet of space, complete with bathroom and kitchenette, that doesn't get nearly enough use. I am definitely not the best person to describe exactly what a LAN Party is. I do remember from my college computer class that LAN stands for a Local Area Network, so I think what that means is that everyone's computer is connected to each other, kind of like the Internet, only local instead of wide. (Isn't the Internet a WAN, or Wide Area Network? Somebody, please correct me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, all I know for sure is there is a bunch of people up in our office with computers playing video games against each other. I'm not sure who's winning or losing, all I know for sure is that there are some good snacks up there (hence the reason I have ventured up there on a couple of occassions) and it is nearly impossible to get a good picture of everyone with out a computer screen or something blocking someone's face. Plus, they are probably all concentrating on not getting killed and would not appreciate being told to look at the camera and smile! So, this picture was taken of that handsome husband of mine during the set-up process before anyone actually arrived and started gaming.

Jenica and I had a fun time going to IKEA with our friend Debbe this morning, then visiting with Kelly and her adorable 2 year old Hayden this evening. Reruns of The Office have been playing in my DVD player all afternoon and besides the no bake cookies I whipped up this morning for the party I haven't had to cook all day! Life is good! Maybe Rob should have parties like this more often! Oh my, did I really just say that?

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