Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 178 of Project 365

Sunday marked challenge #5 for our local Biggest Losers, Jay and Laura. This time Rob was able to come out for the fun too! The goal: Hold a 4 pound bucket of water above your head for as long as possible. I did not fare well at this challenge and dropped out after 15 minutes, but everyone else held their buckets for well over a half an hour. Laura finally lost by a technicality. Way to go Jay! As usual you can check out their blog at


Jenica's Dad said...

OK, three things:
1 - Awesome picture capturing the splash in motion:)
2 - Love how you brought out the flag in the back by leaving it color while making the rest of the shot B&W. Very artistic, very cool:)
3 - My feet got sunburned standing there and I still have some sore spots from holding up the water that long...but it was fun:)

Kelly H. said...

what a great action photo... I just watched the video of them doing this challenge - and you could not have caught a better "moment" on film.

Also way to go Rob, you hung in there for a long time!!!