Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 161 of Project 365

... the day we found out that our daughters bedroom is full of mold.

This was Rob's smiling face before he made the unfortunate discovery. You see, this ugly black spot just appeared on her ceiling one day a while back, and when we emailed the woman who rents the apartment above us, she said she had a couple of issues going on, one of which involved a clogged toilet which she had poured some sort of black stuff down to try to fix. So we assumed that was the cause of the black spot and Rob immediately went up there and fixed the toilet. The spot did not seem to be spreading so we assumed the problem was fixed. Then last week, more black spots started appearing, so last night Rob cut into the sheet rock only to find that black mold was covering most of the ceiling in her room and massive amounts of water is now dripping out of a mysterious hole every time our upstairs renter showers or runs the dishwasher (the same water that has probably been running into the ceiling and walls every day for who knows how long). Jenica's room is now completely off limits to her, which of course makes life around here quite challenging since we live in a small 2 bedroom for the time being. For those of you that don't live close, prayers would certainly be appreciated and if anyone could spare any time to help Rob isolate and fix the problem, or help with the clean up afterwords (we are still unsure how widespread the damage is, so what all that will entail is still to be determined) we would certainly appreciate the help. I'll try to update this as we know more.

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Joi said...

WOW! So glad you guys discovered the mold since that can be some nasty stuff when it comes to allergies. I will be praying that it can be fixed quickly, for extra help and that you all will be able to handle having a little less space.