Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 162 of Project 365

Update from Rob:
I broke through the old ceiling boards behind the sheetrock tonight and think I may have discovered the source of the leak.  It appears to be the drain pipe for the shower upstairs.  We will do some running water tests tomorrow to try to see the leak in action and pinpoint what exactly needs fixing.  Shay, being the great photographer she is, captured this moment right as I was discovering where the the drain pipe is in the ceiling.  The water flowed all sorts of places so there will still be quite a bit more to tear out and replace.  But it feels good to at least make some measurable progress.  The joists soaked up quite a bit of water so it will take a while for them to dry out before we can actually start putting things back together.  If anyone has a dehumidifier we could borrow to help speed up that process we would appreciate it:)


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Joi said...

Man vs. Mold: Looks like the mold is loosing! Way to go Rob :)