Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 176 of Project 365

We headed to Seattle today to pick up our race material for tomorrows half marathon! Traffic was horrendous and we almost thought we weren't going to get there in time. Our material said we absolutely had to be there by 7:00pm to pick up our stuff, so the thought of not being able to race after we had trained for so long was not a pleasant one. We ended up making it there with half an hour to spare (but not much of a chance for photo op's) so this is a picture of me reading through my race material back at the hotel. I actually learned some very useful information from the medical pamphlet we received, like it's not only okay, but encouraged to eat extra salty foods in the week leading up to a race (like I needed an excuse to consume more sodium... but anyway.) Better get some rest for the big day tomorrow!

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