Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 167 of Project 365

"Mere Kylo" is Jenica's version of "come here Kylo." She must have heard us say this a lot while we were camping a few weeks ago because it's one of her favorite sentences right now.

She also loves to feed the animals. Daddy showed her how to feed the cat and now if she is left unattended for too long on the patio, she spreads food everywhere! The animals love it, and usually clean most of it up on there own so I don't really mind... except when it rains and then there is soaking wet cat food all over the place. As Jenica would say, "eeeewww!"


emelye said...

She's such a helper ... I can totally see her in the Big Sis role!

Jenica's Dad said...

Great picture. And makes me feel good about having pets again...seeing how excited she gets about them.