Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32 of Project 365

Well, I made it through the whole first month taking a picture every day and even finding time to post it here. It is unlikely that trend will continue this month, as this is traditionally the busiest month of "tax season" but I will try :) Today's picture is of my hardworking man doing some organizing in the garage tonight. Being back to work full time makes me appreciate all the long hours he puts in to support our family. This morning I said, "Mondays aren't nearly as much fun when you have to go to work!" and he just kind of looked at me and rolled his eyes. Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks honey for all you do for our family! We truly are blessed to have you as a husband and father.


Super B said...

This is a great picture and a super-sweet post, I love it! :)

Jenica's Dad said...

Thanks for the great picture and write-up honey. I appreciate it, this blog and all you do for our family. The picture does make it very clear to me though that I need additional light over my workbench. Another project for me:)

Sarah said...

Great picture of Rob and sooo wonderful of a post...Appreciation is such a simple but needed gift...good job to you both;)