Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 46 of Project 365


I'm a day behind... these pictures are from Monday. I'm having a hard time choosing just one these days, aren't I? We had another delicious dinner cooked by the lovely Kelly Hernandez and I planned to use a cute picture of Hayden and Jenica as my picture of the day, but the one of us two (well, three if you count baby Elijah) turned out so good I wanted to include it as well.


Joi said...

Does this mean you owe us a day? Anticipation is growing...lol :)

Kelly Hernandez said...

First I would like to back up your decision on the multiple pictures, seriously how on earth do you choose just one picture with children as cute as ours?? And then secondly - a note to Joi... look, I got a picture with Shay. Are you so proud???