Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35 of Project 365


This is the wallpaper on my work computer. I really need to update my pictures. All my clients keep thinking I have a 5 month old instead of a 17 month old. It sure is a cute picture though! 

I only got to see baby girl in person for less than an hour today :( I sure miss her! I think this season of work will make me appreciate being home with her a lot more come April.

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emelye said...

One hour ... oh, my heart is breaking for you! Maybe you should take a pic of her in time-out or something and put that up as your work wallpaper. At least that might make you laugh, rather than cry! Unfortunately, it'd probably be the cutest darn "time-out" picture EVER ... so good luck with that! April will be here before we know it!!