Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 51 of Project 365


Fun couples date night with (from left to right) Brandi, Emily, Ray, Tim, Emelye, Shay, Rob, & Tom. Since my birthday is the day before Valentine's Day our date nights usually get combined into one, but this year Rob was so thoughtful! He took me out for my birthday, then planned this fun get together with some of my closest friends to celebrate Valentine's Day a week later. It was fun to spread out the festivities and I had a great time enjoying delicious Italian food at Buggatti's Restaurant in Oregon City, then an evening of laughs at Comedy Sportz in Portland. 


Jenica's Dad said...

Mmmm, such good food. (was good company too). But the food...oh yeah!

Joi said...

Rob is knocking it out of the park this year :) I will have to check this restaurant out sometime.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry that we couldn't make it but it looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time:) I'm so glad. You really do deserve all the best life has to offer sweet Shay~