Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 265 of Project 365

We had a delicious pizza dinner tonight with my old roommate Susan (I don't mean old like that!) And Jenica got to open yet another birthday present. Since we had her party a week early, and then we were out of town for a while, she has pretty much been opening presents on and off for a month straight! Spoiled girl! Tonight she got the cutest little Nike outfit and new Nike tennis shoes, which she actually really needed! Her babysitter has been taking the kids on all kinds of nature walks and hikes and most of Jenicas shoes are really cute but probably not the most comfortable for walking long distances so I'm sure these shoes will get lots of good wear and tear. She also got a Nike backpack to keep all her gear in, some fun new hair clips, a hair brush and some "boogie wipes" for her nose! She loved those the most I think! She probably used half the package just at dinner.

Thanks for all the great gifts Susan! I'm sure you'll see a cute picture of Jenica soon decked out in all her new duds!

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