Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 259 of Project 365

I know this post is going to end up sounding like a Kohl's commercial, but I have to tell you anyway because I'm just so excited! First of all, let me start by saying... I like to shop! Unfortunately since becoming more of a stay at home mom type and less of a career woman, I have had neither the necessity or the funds to shop as much as I use to. My major shopping trips are now limited to about twice a year, and lately, Kohls has been the place to go.

You see, I get their ads in the mail regularly with the little peel off sticker to save 15%, 20%, or on rare occasions... 30% of your entire purchase, including sale and clearance items. When I get the 30% deal, I pretty much figure I HAVE to go shopping. I mean, who can pass up a deal like that, right? Plus, they are doing Kohls Cash right now, so that pretty much means I get paid to shop! (Hey, I warned you that this might sound like the commercial!) For those of you who don't know about Kohls Cash, for every $50.00 you spend you get a gift certificate for $10.00 in merchandise, which doesn't become valid for about a week. Their way of getting you back in the store to buy more stuff, but hey, who can say no to more clothes or accessories, even if you do have to wait a week!

Anyway, being the great bargain hunter that I am, my plan was to spend as close to $150 as possible in order to maximize my Kohls Cash (and stay within my budget, OF COURSE, cuz what girl doesn't think about the budget while shopping for her new fall wardrobe... NOT!) so after deciding on what I was getting, I went over to the self scan price check thingy to see what my total was. After doing the math, it was determined that I would need to get a couple more items (oh darn!) so it was off to the accessory department where I picked out two stylish new necklaces.

To make a long story short, when we got to the register, I was still about $12.00 under my $150 target so I quickly ran back to the jewelry department and impulse bought a VERY cute bracelet and some new earrings, bringing my total to $150, EXACTLY! Well, my receipt says $149.20 but the cashier said that was fine and that I would still get the $30 in Kohls Cash. I was totally stoked! Especially when she circled the amount saved on my receipt - $274.20! So basically, according to my calculations (which obviously aren't completely accurate as you can see from the above) I got about $425 worth of clothes for $150, plus I get to go back in a week and get $30 more worth of stuff, FOR FREE!

Needless to say, I'm quite happy, especially considering I got 6 new tops, a pair of pants, a scarf, lots of fun new jewelry, along with a few new items for Jenica and Rob. So today's picture of the day had to show off one of my new tops, and I had to include Jenica in a hat since every other picture this week has been her in a hat.


Joi said...

Way to shop girl! I can tell you are totally have that after shopping nice!! love the new top.

Jodi said...

adorable top!!