Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 248 of Project 365

Sometime late last spring, we bought Jenica her pink Crayola camp chair, after a visit to Hayden's house where she fell in love with his little blue one.

Ever since then, I envisioned them sitting together at family camp church service listening to Pastor Wayne's sermon. Although I did manage to get a snapshot or two of them actually both sitting at the same time (barely)

the idea of two 2 year old's sitting for any extended period of time was probably a little far fetched to begin with. Instead they spent most of service running around, eating candy and being entertained by Rob. The most hilarious moment however, happened after Jenica did a face plant into the grass (fortunately she didn't cry... we are working on her "tuff grrrl" skills), but due to the insane amounts of candy she had been consuming, her mouth was quite sticky and became an immediate magnet for grass.

Hayden was quite the gentleman, wanting to help clean her up right away, but only after exclaiming, "Ah, dang it!" rather loudly, right in the middle of his Grandpa's sermon.

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tcgfamily said...

Just hate it when that happens. Cute