Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 245 of Project 365

This was the highlight of the trip for me! I love snorkeling and the charter we went on was really affordable, the staff was super nice and very helpful, and they even served up a delicious barbecue lunch and had complimentary beer, wine and softdrinks! Plus, there was this cool underwater viewing room where Jenica could check out all the fishies (and Mommy and Daddy too) from the comfort of the boat. However, she even got to put on her bathing suit and get in for some snorkeling... baby style! They had these awesome little boogie board type things that she could sit on top of (and be all strapped in so she wouldn't fall out) that were equipped with a see through "viewing window" so she could look underwater. Hopefully some of the pictures from our underwater disposable camera will turn out so I can show you what it looked like. It was really cool and although Jenica didn't last too long out in the water it was still a really fun experience for us all! If you are going to Maui any time soon and want to give snorkeling a try, you should check them out. Here is the link:

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