Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 200 of Project 365

Rob captured this picture of Jenica and it just cracks me up how much she reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne. I had to find a picture of him to go with it, but then looking through all the crazy Ozzy images in the internet I started feeling a little weird about comparing my daughter to him, so anyway... forget all the weirdness and just get a kick out of her cool shades and silly expression. And if she decides to be a musician some day that's great, she just can't be biting the heads of off chickens or anything (wasn't that Ozzy or am I getting my rockers confused?)


Joi said...

LLH!! you are too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes...You have the right singer...
Thanks for the kind word. When I fill in the blogs I follow I'll put yours in.
I love your photo style...Jenn's wedding ones look like art...Still impatiently waiting for a Canon Rebel!