Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 192 of Project 365

After a leisurely morning around camp, a couple cups of coffee and a delicious breakfast of french toast, fresh peaches and real maple syrup prepared by our amazing guides, we were off to circumvent Stuart Island by kayak. It was an all day adventure, with a stop for lunch near the Turn Point Lighthouse, where right as we were leaving we were able to witness a pod of Orca Whales swimming by, probably less than 150 yards away. Truly an amazing sight and one of the highlights of the trip. We also saw numerous bald eagles and many other species of birds (one of the girls in our group was a self proclaimed "bird nerd" and even though she was from the east coast, she was still able to recognize pretty much every species of bird we came across). We even had a baby seal swim right up to our kayak. The seal was so young it still had it's umbilical cord attached. The mom was waiting near by to rescue her baby as soon as we paddled off. After our second full day of kayaking it was back to our beautiful campsite for another amazing meal cooked by our wonderful hosts and a good nights sleep in our tent (provided by Crystal Seas, along with thermarest sleeping pads and pillows.) I actually slept amazingly well for tent camping!


Joi said...

So that whale is bigger than your boat?? The baby seal makes me smile :)

Shay said...

I'm not an Orca expert but I think they are usually around 20 feet long so definitely longer than a kayak and they weight significantly more... probably 4 - 6 tons.