Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 194 of Project 365

Cassi and Malachi get to be my picture of the day today because this turned out to be the only picture I took today. We got back from our trip at 2:30 this morning, slept for about 5 hours and then got up to go get our baby girl. On the way, we stopped off to take a quick picture for Cassi. She has this same shot with her other two kids when they were close to this age and we forgot to do this one at Malachi's 3 month photo shoot so she wanted to get it done before her little cutie pie gets any bigger. After picking up Jenica (who did absolutely amazing while we were gone by the way) it was off to swimming lessons, home for a nap (for all of us) then back to Molalla for the afternoon, home for dinner and now trying to get caught up around the house before our short (but very busy) week kicks off in the morning. Better get off the computer!

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