Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 90 of Project 365

I get asked a lot what Jenica's "new thing" is. Well here you have it:

She throws fits! This was taken after I told her that the smoothy she had been drinking (mine) was all gone and she would have to drink her own. So far, she's actually a pretty mellow fit thrower if I just leave her alone. As you can see here, she just curled up on the kitchen floor and stayed there for a minute or two, then she was done. That's not usually the case if I have to move her somewhere. Then I get all kinds of fun kicking and screaming and whatever other expressions of discontent she can muster up. But even through the emerging attitude and will of the little person she is becoming, she is still an angel in her mother's eyes and I love her more than ever!

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