Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 89 of Project 365

My co-worker Wendy finally agreed to be my picture of the day! She is one of the main reasons that I enjoy going to work! Her office is right across the hall from me so she is always there to help me if I have a question or listen to me vent about a complicated tax return. She brought me these beautiful flowers today and has supplied me with an afternoon pick-me-up of diet Dr. Pepper on multiple occasions. She is a wonderful wife and mom and I love hearing her call her kids regularly (probably more than our boss likes, but oh well!). Her family is definitely her first priority, as it should be, and I consider it a blessing to know her! Thanks Wendy for letting me take your picture and write about you on my little blog! Only 16 days of tax season left!


kyle said...

awww, what a treat for me to find this while visiting your blog this evening.
Thanks for loving my mom, too. She's wonderful and beautiful.

Shay said...

Thanks KeriAnn (at least I'm guessing this comment is from you.) Your mom really has made working worth while this year, even though I miss my baby dearly! Always enjoy your blog updates as well, and your amazing pictures!