Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 113 of Project 365

I took pictures of my friends Jessica and Fabrice today and thought I would post a few here so they could have a sneak peak. I don't know how I am going to choose my picture of the day with so many great shots. I actually really like the one of their feet, which I never would have thought to do if Jess hadn't suggested it but it turned out really cool. Would it be weird to have a picture of my friends' feet in my photo book? What do you think?


Joi said...

Great Pics! I really liked the artsy looking first one with the blue background. With the feet questions you should include them, they are your friends and a part of your year. If you feel really weird about it you could always do the same shot with you and Rob's feet.

emelye said...

I say GO FOR THE FEET!! And though Joi's advice is thoughtful, it was her idea! I'm sure they'd be honored to be so uniquely added to your year ... and what a great conversation piece as people flip through your 2010 book!