Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109 of Project 365

One of Jenica's favorite things to do these days is color, so I thought a photo of her crayons would be appropriate. This evening, she asked me to color with her. My initial response was to tell her no, after all, I had dishes to do, laundry to fold, email to check... my list could go on and on. But then I thought, all of that stuff can wait! Even though housework is definitely a part of life, the more important part is spending time with your kids, doing things with them that you wouldn't otherwise do on your own, so even though it felt like sitting there coloring with my daughter was a waste of time, I believe it was actually the farthest thing in the world from that. Today was a good day!


kyle said...

Shay, I immediately loved this picture. the color and depth of focus is interesting. Also, I enjoyed your words. It's so true.

Shay said...

Thanks KeriAnn. It's so great to be home again! I'm sure your mom feels the same way and gets to color and play with her Grandbabies soon!