Friday, July 10, 2009

10 months.... Size 10

Well, it only took me 10 months but I'm finally fitting back into the clothes I wore before I started this great journey into parenthood. Not bad, considering I was pregnant for almost 12 months! Confused??? Well, the first time my husband and I got pregnant we lost the baby. After just 10 weeks in my tummy he went to be with the Lord. Then, to our surprise, just one month later we found out we were pregnant again with our beautiful little Jenica who is now 10 months old. So even though there was a tiny break in between, my body certainly felt like it was pregnant for quite a long time! I must say though, it feels great to be back in shape and be able to wear my cute summer clothes again! And every time I look at my baby girl I know that it was all so worth while!

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