Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Braids

My daughter has more hair than most 2 year olds! And she's only 9 months old. I think that is part of what makes her seem so petite. People just automatically assume that if she has that much hair, she must be older...and therefor, is quite small for her age. She was born with a lot of hair, but instead of falling out like baby hair does much of the time, it just continued to grow and grow. It now looks like she has highlights, since the ends are still the dark brown color she was born with, while the rest has grown in much lighter. It's really very beautiful, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My mom jokes that my daughter is lucky to have a hairdresser for a mom. I'm not actually a practicing hairdresser, but I did go to cosmetology school about 15 years ago, so I learned a little during my 2000 hours of education, although they never went over hair styles for babies. I can't bring myself to cut it yet, so to avoid having hair in her eyes all day, I've started to get creative. I use to do the fountain pony on top, but she's kind of outgrown that. Two pig tails on the sides are still a fave but we were doing it so often that the rubber bands were causing some breakage. So now we are trying the french braid. This has worked extremely well so far and usually lasts for about 2 or 3 days. I was even able to wash her hair the other day without taking the braids out. We do this style in the morning, during her breakfast bottle. She's usually so hungry after sleeping for 12 hours that she focuses on eating and lets me braid away. We'd love to try some other new things though so if you have any ideas, please let us know!

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