Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 77 of Project 365

Smoothies... one of my favorite breakfasts, lunches, desserts, or just a great snack after a good work out. My favorite ingredients are frozen fruit (I buy the Costco sizes so I always have it on hand), flavored Isopure protein powder, and some ground flax or flax oil, mainly because that's the only way I get that good stuff into my diet. I've even started putting in lemon flavored cod liver oil (I know, it sounds gross, but you can hardly tell it's in there) ever since a doctor told me it's a great addition to your diet to keep your body healthy especially when you are doing lots of physical activity (i.e. running). Oh, and sometimes I add some vanilla soy milk or fruit juice to get the consistency I like but more often I just add water. Mmmmm mmmm!


Joi said...

I have bad memories of cod liver yeah, don't be offended if I don't ask for one of your smoothies when I visit ;)

Shay said...

Lol! I could make you a delicious one with out the cod liver oil Joi. Don't worry! I kinda want to hear about your "bad memories" now. :)

Joi said...

Just imagine 6 kids lining up in front of the refrigerator and my dad or mom holding a spoon full of this smelly clear substance. Hoping my turn will never come to take my "dose" and when it does knowing I'll be in huge trouble if I run away. It was torture before Guantanamo Bay... lol, yes counseling is needed.