Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78 of Project 365

The last day of winter, although you sure couldn't tell by the weather! Jenica's babysitter is on vacation for a week so she and I got to spend the day together today. First she went to work with me at Rob's office, then home for a nap, then it was time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Brandi and I already had plans to take Judica to Munoz bakery for an afternoon treat, and I invited Emelye to come along with us. Then Jessica text me to see if I wanted to go for a walk so I invited her to join us too! We had a blast, got some great exercise, enjoyed delicious treats and let the kids stop for some play time at the park. Thanks for a fun afternoon ladies, and for being part of my picture of the day! You can use it too if you want, Emelye!


Shay said...

I know... Jenica's face is blocked by her cup but we are all looking at the camera and have good expressions on our faces so this was the winner!

Joi said...

Fun, fun, fun... Looks like it was also a gorgeous day :)