Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 240 of Project 365

Today we celebrated our baby girl's second birthday. It's hard to believe two years have gone by already since she arrived a tiny little 7lb 9oz bundle of joy. Click here to see my blog post from that special day. I really love this picture of the three of us for a couple of reasons. First of all, you can see the beautiful cake that my lovely friend Jessica made for us. Jenica squealed with delight when she saw it for the first time and everyone commented on how delicious it tasted. Secondly, you can see the pretty white house in the background that numerous party guests commented on. I've actually eyed the house myself over the last couple of years on my walks to the park. It's been for sale and not only is the house adorable, it has the most beautiful yard and landscaping that would be perfect for outdoor photography. However, it's way out of our price range so moving on... The last reason I like this picture is because this is my family that I love so much, and not pictured here were many of our friends and loved ones who joined us to help Jenica celebrate her special day. We feel extremely blessed by everyone's generosity and couldn't have asked for a better party for our little (almost) two year old! Favorite gift of the day.... cherry chap stick from her Auntie Joi!