Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 234 of Project 365

Okay, definitely not the best family picture we have ever taken but it has a bridge in the background so it sticks with my theme of the week. It was taken from our campground on the John Day River where it runs into the Columbia. It was a beautiful campsite with a great little swimming hole for Jenica, a playground, and lots and lots of squirrels!

Poor Kylo couldn't even tell when they were right behind him stealing his food.

So Rob came to the rescue and set up this fun little trap for them... and whataya know? It worked!

Don't worry folks! The squirrel was fine, just a little embarrassed that he fell for our little scheme.

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Jenica's Dad said...

To clarify: we did not actually catch the squirrel. Only got him to go for the bait and spring the trap. Was a fun picture anyway:)