Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 357 - 359 of Project 365

Jenica really has been the star of the show these last few days. Christmas is certainly more fun with her around, especially now that she's old enough to understand and be excited about it. I cooked a Christmas dinner for our family on Thursday night, Friday night was spent with the Bachelders, and tonight was spent with the Gatchel's (Rob's mom and family). Unfortunately, Rob came down with the nasty flu bug that's been going around at about 1:00 this morning so he has been in bed most of the day and missed out on the delicious dinner at Nana's house. Feel better soon honey :)


Joi said...

Wow, she looks like such a big girl with that bike. Glad she has been royally treated this Christmas :)

Ken said...

Yes she does look like a big girl. I'm thinking that was a "photo op" but it looks like she's ready for wheelies and dirt biking. (Little Princess dirt biking --Ha Ha)

I'm gonna miss this blog, and I'm really proud of Shay for doing it all year :)