Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 356 of Project 365

It's not loaded, don't worry! I had been wanting to take some creative shooting pictures for a while now though so we drove up in the woods today and had a little fun, plus we got to see some snow, so it was just a fun day all around. We'll still need to do it again sometime, as I had planned to not have Jenica with us but due to her and her babysitter both throwing up that morning, we ended up having to take her with us. She seemed to enjoy herself though, especially getting to wear Daddy's "ear muffs."

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I loved looking through your pictures. On the DPS site, you mentioned making a photobook for the year. Is that just a photo album of the shots or a real book type? If the latter where do you get it made at?

Shay said...

I have used a number of different online book printing sites and so far have found My Publisher (through Costco) to be my favorite. They are very affordable, high quality and have come out with quite a few customizable features over the last couple of years. Thanks for looking at my blog :)