Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 333 of Project 365

Tomorrow we say good bye to Kylo. I don't think the reality of that statement has fully sunk in yet, even though we've known for a while now that it is what is best for him. We took him home with us to Idaho for Thanksgiving, to have one last family outing and see my parents and sister one more time. I think he had fun despite the long truck ride and freezing cold temperatures. Since we've been back he's gotten lots of special love and attention. Rob even lets him on the living room carpet! (Unheard of since we got new carpet installed almost 2 years ago.) I've had Kylo since he was just a puppy, and I was only 18 years old. He's been with me through quite a bit over the years, and although this will give away my age as well, he is now 13 years old (almost 95 in dog years!) I think he's lived a good life. I always wanted him to live long enough to meet my first child and now he's had over two years with Jenica. He will be greatly missed and it is with great sadness today that I write this post. Tomorrow will be a rough day so please keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

On a happier note, and I only mention this because of Jenica's attire shown in this picture, she's been in big girl underwear all afternoon and has used the potty twice and had no accidents! Go Jenica!


Joi said...

The soul of every living creature and the spirit in every human body are in his hands.
~Job 12:10

Kelly H. said...

Oh Kyllo... you will be missed by many people. I'm so sorry Shay, I know you know it's the right thing to do but it doesn't make it any easier, especially when he has been a beloved part of your family for 13 years. You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Shay said...

Thank you friend :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how fully pets can get into our hearts. And our responsibilities toward them aren't always easy are they.

No fun!

Jodi said...

Oh this is so sad! It makes me think of Marley and Me, which I would recommend you NOT WATCH anytime soon because, hello too close to home! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Shay :(