Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 328 of Project 365

The view as we arrived at my Dad's cabin outside of Clark Fork on Wednesday. It was so pretty with all the fresh snow and he even had a sledding hill all prepped and ready for us! My parents built this house over 30 years ago and I lived in it until I was 6 or 7 while they built "the big house" on the same 27 acres of property. That house has since been sold along with part of the acreage during my parents divorce and then ended up burning down a few years ago. It's kind of sad to walk down and see that piece of land now, looking nothing like how I remember it. But it's really fun that my dad still has this piece of our childhood and he did such a good job of making it feel like home for us while we were there. Here's a picture of the old log bed he made for me when I was probably about Jenica's age.

Thanks for hosting a fun Thanksgiving for us all Dad! Jenica still keeps saying she wants to go to Grandpa's house, even after 9+ hours of traveling, so you must have made an impression!

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