Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 277 of Project 365

I took so many pictures yesterday that I completely forgot to take any today! Oh well, it was a pretty boring day anyway (well, there was some minor excitement, but due to legal reasons, I probably shouldn't discuss it on the blog. I'm sure that will keep some of you guessing and may even inspire a phone call or two!)

Anyway, back to my picture of the day that wasn't actually taken today but I just loved it so much that I was happy to have it make a cameo appearance as today's picture of the day. This is my friend Brandi's great Aunt Jinnie (well, technically I think it's her husbands great aunt...) Family pictures for the Johnson family were just 1 of 4 photo shoots today and this picture was by far my favorite. Thanks for letting me capture the essence of this wonderful woman, and thanks to everyone who made yesterday my busiest day yet as a "photographer".

I feel truly blessed by all the interest that my "fall special" has brought my way and am excited for all the photo shoots I still have lined up in October. There's still time to get in on the deal. Check out my facebook page for Be Photography if you would like more information.

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